Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can We Record This?

I don't know if it was boredom or a yearning to be on wheels again, but Eddie decided he was going to teach me how to skate. I have owned inline skates for years, but used them perhaps three times. I had tried to teach myself to skate. That ended when I fell on my ass and really felt hurt. I got scared that I was going to seriously injure myself and so I tucked them away. I then tried to sell them on Ebay and no one wanted them.

So we gathered our skates up and went down to the driveway where he'd pulled out all the cars. He helped me get my skates on tight. Then he asked, Is there any way we could record this? Heh heh. As soon as the skates were on, he knew it was going to be a show.

Step One: Standing Up
I couldn't stand. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he hoisted me up, saying, Let go let go. Only I couldn't let go. I was attached to his waist.

Step Two: Move
I couldn't move. Once I was up, my feet were locked in place and attached to the ground. I rolled only when he skated backwards as I was still attached to his waist.

Step Three: Really Move
I pushed off with my feet as soon as I was able to separate my torso from his hip. The bad thing was that my driveway is slightly downhill and slanted so I was picking up speed.

Step Four: Hold On For Dear Life
Somehow we got to the front of the driveway. I stood and grasped onto the bottom of the banister of the stoop. He skated away, showing me how to skate. Then he skated up and down the street to show me how to move my body when I skate.

Step Five: Let Go
I let go of the banister and grabbed onto him.

Step Six: Skate To The Back
I actually pushed with my feet to travel back up the driveway. It was inclined this way and I wasn't bent over at my waist staring at the ground.

It went this way a few more times. We stopped when his skates started to get really loose. I did not fall. When we got back to the chair I could not sit down. And so, we finished the way we started. I wrapped my arms around him and he had to lean over the chair to get me to pretty much fall into it. That's the sign of a really good skater, no?

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