Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WakeBreatheMove -- Get Yours Now

Self promotion is what it's all about.  I'm happy to announce the publication of my second poetry collection WakeBreatheMove.

Finishing Line Press offers a pre-sale time frame to determine print run, which means if you have any interest in purchasing a copy of WakeBreatheMove, you should do it now or at least before May.

You can buy it online here:

You can also buy it by sending the title of the book, a check for $12.49 plus $2.99 for shipping, and your mailing address to the address below.

Here's the official press release so we can be all official about it.

Finishing Line Press
PO Box 1626
Georgetown, KY 40324

Finishing Line Press is proud to announce the publication of

WakeBreatheMove, a new collection of poems by Christina M. Rau, explores the emptiness of interactions between people and places. 

“In the shocked quiet following a break-up, Rau hooks a seismometer to the slow churn of recovery: she records the waking-breathing-moving, yes - but also planting, aiming, eating. Our speaker, like the ship's anchor she describes, does triumph, ‘shows that settling in is not/ the same as wasting away.’ Come for Rau's stark, deafening winter; stay for her vibrant, glimmering spring.”   
--Amy King, author of I Want to Make You Safe, 2015 recipient of   the Women’s National Book Association Award

Christina M. Rau is the founder of Poets In Nassau, a reading circuit on Long Island, NY.  She is the author of the poetry chapbook, For The Girls, I (Dancing Girl Press, 2014) and has been published in various journals, most recently in Technoculture, Crony, and Redheaded Stepchild. Her poetry has also appeared on gallery walls in The Ekphrastic Poster Show and on car magnets for The Living Poetry Project. She also writes reviews for Fjords Review about new poetry collections. She teaches English at Nassau Community College where she also serves as Editor for The Nassau Review and Coordinator of the Creative Writing Project.  She earned her MFA in Creative Writing at LIU Southampton, her MA in English and Creative Writing at Hofstra, and her BS in English at SUNY Oneonta, and the best poetry class she’s ever taken is UPenn’s Modern & Contemporary American Poetry (ModPo) through Coursera, for which she now serves as a Community TA .  She tweets on Twitter, pins on Pinterest, reposts on Tumblr, reviews on Goodreads, yowls on Yelp, and updates on Facebook.  In her non-writing life, she teaches yoga occasionally and line dances on other occasions.  

Media Contact
Leah Maines, Editor
Finishing Line Press
PO Box 1626
Georgetown, KY 40324

I also have a media kit and a fancy flier because it's like all the rage.Thanks for indulging me.  I hope you enjoy the poetry.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

But How About That Free Stuff?

Spoils from the AAA Travel Marketplace

Won these from the MTA through a Twitter contest that only three people entered.

Perks of being Eddie's wife

Perks of additional entertainment.  This guy?  Is awesome.

So I took a survey about text books and Cengage sent me $100 for Amazon.

Need a closer look?

Courtesy of Viggle

Free Tea For Me!!