Monday, October 31, 2011

Jean Totally Reads My Blog

Last week, I complained that dancing had become less of a challenge. Apparently, Jean saw that and decided to challenge away. Not only did we do the alligator dance, but we did it to the fast song.

We went over Blue Night Cha Cha again which my feet do not like to do but I force them to dance anyway. There's a step that involves a rumba box and a shuffle and they shuffle when they should rumba and rumba when they should shuffle. I like that I have something to work on.

We then went onto a dance that once we started, I said to S, we did this one before. She was like, No. I was like, I think at the beach? She said, Nope. I was like, No, wait, we did it here. She said, Hmm, maybe. The music came on. It was not recognizeable. We did the dance. I was in lalaland, trying to figure out how I knew it. Then, Jean put on Rod Stewart's The Motown Song and we were like, ohhhhh, yeah, we know this one! I actually sing along.

See that arm roll thing? We don't do it, but I'm so gonna start.

Then Jean taught us how to fly. With quick feet and flailing arms, everyone in class flapped around, laughing hysterically. The step was not easy. The dance itself is easy (I can't remember the name though). Doing the particular step is difficult once you're in it. Arms go one way. Body goes another. Feet cross behind in one direction. Feet cross in front going the other way.

Fun Fact: Crossing behind with the feet allows the arms to move up and down diagnally. Crossing in front makes the arms flap out to the sides as if you're a chicken. A flying chicken.

I'd been staring at the clock between dances earlier on in the class because I was getting bored with relearning the easier dances.

Once I started flying, I stopped looking. There was no time to look. I had to work on not feeling like an ass. Then I had to work on not looking like an ass.

S and I did not pick up the dance right away. That made everyone in the room feel better. One of the clique women said that if we didn't get it, it was okay that she didn't have it yet. No one agreed out loud with her, but since everyone secretly hates us, I know they agreed in their hearts, especially when we started flying more easily by the end of class.

Not that it looked very pretty, but we did get the steps. Yeay for Jean for giving us a challenge.

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