Sunday, October 23, 2011

Robot Line Dancing

Dance class was mostly repeats of every song we've learned so far this session as well as some standbys which include Hello, Dolly, which we went through step by step yet again.

Because I was on automatic for most of the class having already learned the dances, I was able to start a list--Things That Make Me Laugh, Realized At Line Dancing:

1. Hair clips that had no functional purpose.

2. People who pull on the wrong door to get into a room.

3. Stopping class to wait for someone who is walking down the hall.

My list was cut short when I interacted with the ladies from the clique. They kept saying to Jean that every song she taught was the one that she had to switch to a slower song. Finally, I looked over and said, That was the alligator dance. I'm still bitter about that. They were all like, Oh yeah that's right. Jean continued dancing.

Then we learned Blue Night Cha Cha. For some reason, I had some real trouble doing a rumba box chacha, which is not difficult. My feet simply did not want to go where I wanted them to. Aside from that, the dance was easy. Except....

The woman who was late last time decided to dance behind us again. It's very difficult to dance the right steps when someone has them so wrong. I know that class is for learning, so I don't mind when we are all learning a new dance when Jean stops over and over to teach it. But simple steps like the cha cha should be second nature. The late woman looked like she was doing the robot the whole time.

Maybe that's a good idea for next time. We can do the robot in a line.

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