Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm A Fat Fat Fatty Fat

Jean pounced immediately as we were coming up the stairs to dance class. We're best friends now. She said hi. S and I said hi. Besties!

When everyone was in the dance room, Jean had us introduce ourselves. She said since it's a small class, we should know each other's names. The class is about the same size as it always has been, but now, we need to get to know each other more. She turned towards us, of course, and said, let's start with the girls.

S began with a wave and a hi and her name. Then everyone said their own name. Then S said she was the only one who said Hi. I was like, you were first, so you had to. I don't remember anyone's name. Jean never introduced herself.

An Asian lady came late and decided the best place to stand was slightly behind and between S and me. She was having trouble catching on in the middle of the dance we'd begun. Jean stopped teaching, turned around, pointed to the woman, and then made her introduce herself so we all knew her name and she still didn't know ours.

We relearned something in the water which was easy enough for most people.

Then we learned Mojo Mambo. I had realized, by almost falling on my ass, that the floor was very slippery in one spot near the front. I went over it several times. Each time, I said loudly, Wow that's slippery!

As we put on the music for the mambo, Jean, I, and S wound up dancing in one line together in the front, and as Jean called out the steps, she also called out a Whooop!! She explained, I almost fell. I turned my head and said, Slippery, right? She was like, You could have warned me. What was my repeating Wow that's slippery! called? But, yes, my fault.

I wish we'd learned the intro!

Once that was over, Jean decided to teach us a dance to See You Later Alligator. We learned the first few steps, and a lot of dancers were already out of breath. Jean walked towards our end of the room for the next few steps and said, we'll lose calories with this one. Then she looked at S and said, you don't need to.

Meaning, everyone else does. Meaning im a fat fat fatty fat.

The dance was very fast. I loved the song! Jean, S, and I and maybe one more woman in the back danced the first wall and a half. Then Jean turned off the song because no one else could keep up. So Jean put on a slower song. I hate that. The class is intermediate, so if people can't keep up, that's all them. I really don't like when Jean slows it down for everyone. I mess up, sure, but at least when I mess up, it's because I'm challenged.

I especially love the woman singing along off-camera.

At the end, Jean taught us Sucky Slow Song upon request. It looked like I requested it because I knew all the moves and was overexaggerating them. One gal's mockery can obviously be misconstrued as very passionate dancing.

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