Monday, May 16, 2016


Because the Hudson Valley knows how to celebrate each season, Eddie and I found ourselves up there once again. We scared ourselves silly for Halloween (meaning I was terrified and he laughed at my terror) in October. We sang along some Christmas tunes and then listened to "A Christmas Carol" in December. On the eve of May first, we experienced Spring through LIGHTSCAPES. Giant flowers and bugs and fairies, all lit up neon and pastel, across the land of Van Cordlandt Manor usher in Spring. We got tickets for the first entrance and were fourth in line in the parking lot. Yes, that's how excited we were. Once inside, we feasted on popcorn and a soft pretzel because we are not adults. And then we entered LIGHTSCAPES. And there's not much to say about it that would add to the experience. All there is to do is look.
Waiting in the car
Waiting in the tent
Rainbow wall
In low-light,things get blurry.
So you walk into this bug's mouth.
And you walk through this castle.
This turtle changes color.
I want this lamp.
This is Eddie's artistry.
Kissing a frog, kinda.
Spooky cellar
This might have been the brightest part, picutre-taking-wise.
Butterfly territory
These move. How they move is a secret! Unless you can tell from the picture.
You can see this guy from everywhere.
We slightly look like maniacs here.
The house lights up to music.
It ends with bubbles! I love bubbles! Bubbles don't appear well in pictures in the dark, so I have no photo-evidence of the bubbles, but they were there and they were magical.

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