Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hamptons! Shecky's! Preview!

This is not me and my girls. 
These are some other fabulous girls who posed for me.
They didn't make the Shecky's site.
 I might have submitted too many photos.

Yet again, the gals and I took off to the Hamptons for a day of Shecky's decadence.  Usually, I run to my keyboard and tap out every single detail.  Unfortunately, the day after Shecky's, I got uber sick and haven't been able to recap the antics.

How. Ev. Er.....

I WAS able to submit my write-up to Shecky's for the Spotted blogger gig for the event!  So, while y'all anxiously await my detailed account of how glorious it was and what amount of awkward I turned out to be (which includes things like pouring an entire glass of reisling down my shirt and T telling me, "It's just looks like sweat), I give you:

Spotted: Girls Day Out In The Hamptons

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