Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Got Our Shit

Turns out, my aunt/godmother and uncle bought us a whole bunch of stuff from our registry. We got a wok! The clock I chose was a black and white clock with the face a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge. Eddie liked it. We got all set to hang it when I found that the battery thingie was broken. The metal was bent and would not conduct electricity. That sucked. But we did get a picture frame to frame some photos my brother gave me.

We went to BB&B to return the clock and get some other stuff we needed to buy with the store credit we got when we returned the laptop bag that was too small for my laptop. We found a very cool clock--it's black and clear and the insides of the clock show through. The only drawback is that I feel like I'm in Edgar Allan Poe's "Tell-tale Heart" because the thing ticks so friggin loud.

Our biggest accomplishment: shoe racks! We put them together and put all of Eddie's shoes on them and his closet has never been neater. A neat house is a happy house. We are happy.

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