Friday, May 6, 2011

Is The Honeymoon Over?

One year ago on May 1, Eddie asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes, and then we went to Coney Island and I won the Kentucky Derby.

This May 1, we went to dinner at Angelina's, where they bring the food out to you pretty much before you even order it. Quick service. To our surprise and Eddie's delight, we saw they serve chocolate lava cake for dessert. He's been searching for a restaurant that sells it. So far, he's been ordering in from Domino's to eat them. Yes, that Domino's, the pizza place. They have lava cake, and it's pretty good.

Still, the hot cake with the vanilla ice cream--mmmmmmm. He had one bite and was like, we're never eating anywhere else again. Heh heh. It's nice when he finds something he really enjoys. Being a food snob, he did say that it was just a little eenie weenie bit too sweet, but still, it was good.

Afterwards, we walked down the street, looked at the puppies in the window at the puppy store, and then went to the movie theatre. Eddie likes tigers. Actually, to clear things up, he likes all wild cats. He likes lions. He likes cheetahs. He likes big cats that can kill things. But to me, he'll always simply like tigers.

I was excited during the week when I saw African Cats was playing at the theatre. So that's what we saw. A Disney documentary about wild cats in Africa. It was us, a couple that were in their 50s or 60s and then about six other people. The couple and us were the first to arrive. The woman was driving the man nuts, changing her seat at least ten times before they settled in. She would sit, he would sit, and then she would get up and tell him to follow. He would shake his head, roll his eyes, and then follow. At one point, he offered to buy our seats from us. We sat where she was originally going to sit, which were the first seats in the section so we could put our feet up on the rails, and they weren't ripped like almost all the other seats in the theater. The place is slightly run down.

The film was fun. We learned that cheetahs live alone as adults. Hyenas are the worst animals alive--which we knew already from watching one of those nature shows on tv a while back during which baby hyenas killed each other because that's what they do. We learned that sometimes the king of the jungle is a big wussypants; one of the main lions (or mane lions! get it? I can't believe I just did that) ran away from another lion and let the lionesses fight. We learned that elephants can scare away lions. We learned that cheetahs are fast but only for one or two minutes at a time. We learned that bison in Africa are moody.

I also learned that Morgan Freeman has a much better voice over voice than Samuel L. Jackson. I say that with all due respect on the off-chance Samuel L. Jackson actually reads this and actually cares. He's a scary scary man. Still, I didn't even recognize his voice and had to wait for the credits to find out who it was, and I kept thinking, Where's Morgan Freeman?

I was left with questions. How did the filmmakers film it? How did they get so close without being eaten?

When the movie was over, we realized the theatre was more run down than what we thought. Both of us said at the same time, My ass hurts. Horrible seats. But worth it to see the wild cats on our one year anniversary.

Ever since we've been together, people have made comments like, oh you guys get along like that because it's so new for you; you feel that way because you haven't been together that long; it's easy for you because it's a relatively short time; you guys are still in the honeymoon stage.

One year isn't all that long compared to five, seven, ten, twenty, fifty. All I know is that every day, I fall more and more in love, and I'm having the greatest time of my life with Eddie. I don't understand why people have to be so pessimistic. Why can't they simply say, wow, it's really nice to see two people genuinely enjoy each other. And we do. We absolutely do. I plan to ride out this honeymoon, and Eddie does too.

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