Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Same Old Toes But New

We learned no new dances at dance class. S pointed out that we "learned" Toes because that's what Jean began with and this semester we hadn't done it yet.

We were two weeks out of practice. That meant a lot of turning in the wrong direction. The whole time. For everyone. It's actually pretty entertaining to watch a group of people doing the same dance but facing in all different directions. At one point, I was turned completely around and the class was coming towards me. I kept on turning.

By the time Jean decided to do Mango Smoothie, a lot of people were tired. That meant that lots of people dropped out midway through the song for various reasons: tired, bored, lack of coordination. The latter is probably the biggest reason. The dance has a lot of steps.

Under her breath, S kept asking for Quarter After One but didn't ask out loud seeing as how that leads to never doing the dance again. Then, Jean decided to play Quarter After One on her own. Coincidence? Probably. That or Jean was trying to see how many more people she could make sit down. People ususally stop dancing after the first few seconds of it. When she turned on the music, a bunch of us started dancing right away. However, Jean screwed up and the asked why no one remembered the steps, and then stopped the music and retaught it to all of us who already knew it and everyone else who sits out anyway was sitting out already.

One more class left. Sigh.

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