Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Sub

I used to work at a yoga studio. When I got my Nassau job, I left the studio after a while. It was too much.

I miss teaching yoga. When my summer break began (yippie!), I emailed the owner and told him I could teach a class or sub.

He responded that the summer is slow so he can't add a class, but he'll keep me in mind for subbing.

Then, wouldn't you know it, the next day, he asked me to sub a class at the end of the week. Well, yes, yes, of course, yes! So that Friday turned out to be yoga day. I have been volunteering on Fridays, so I would be teaching the class at the studio, coming home for a break, and then heading out to teach the volunteer class at the counseling center. Yoga day! Yoga day!

It was everything I wanted it to be. The studio hasn't changed a whole lot, so it felt like home. Three people showed up on time. The first one there was a very helpful woman who ran down the stairs to open the door that had locked by accident and also informed me that most people come in late. I told her about my Long Beach experiences of never starting on time and assured her I would start on time and not wait for more people.

I started and then a bunch of women trickled in and joined us. When I was done with the first part, I looked at them and said, Hi, I'm Christina, and yes I'm supposed to be here. They laughed.

The class was a stretch and relax class, so I took them through some stretching and relaxing. They kept up the pace. I walked around to offer one-on-one instruction at certain points for adjustment. Some of them took it. Some of them didn't. I didn't care.

I ended the class about two minutes late because I wanted them to get a good rest because they seemed to have pushed harder than usual. When class was over, they said Namaste to me first. I used to never say that teaching there because the studio caters to the Jewish community of devout followers, so I never mixed in the typical yoga jargon. But hey, things changed. I answered with a Namaste, and then they told me that they were sweating, I made them work, and it was good.

Yeay! It was good! I told them to tell the owner they enjoyed it. They told me they hope that I teach again. I told them to tell the owner exactly that.

When everyone trickled out and I met up with the owner to get paid, a woman I know from when I taught there came in. She told me that the women who just took my class were raving about it downstairs. I said, It's good I haven't lost my touch. I hope the owner heard all this. I want a class!

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