Monday, May 23, 2011

Yoga Runs Out

At 6:21 AM, my text message alert went off. I had my alarm set for 6:40 AM. Usually, I rouse awake at sunrise, lounge in bed, and then get up when the alarm goes off, so if something goes off before the alarm, I'm already up and I don't mind.


Usually, I don't go out for nine hours and drink and eat waffles and get very little sleep. So at 6:21 AM, I awoke with a panic, took a good ten seconds to realize what the hell was going on, and then dragged myself to my phone. It was AK. Yes, we were still going to yoga.

She had had a late night too. We both found out that a late night is not very conducive to completing a hatha routine on a Sunday morning in a room set at a balmy 70-something degrees. Oh, it was painful. A few times I may have admitted I felt like dying, as if it were a choice, I was choosing to not go on over doing anything else. I went on, though. And when the instructor adjusted me, I felt it all over. Oh, it was hard. So very not a good idea. But, as we all know, I make bad decisions.

(Apparently this move alleviates hangover symptoms. When we did headstand practice, and I was doing this instad of a headstand, I didn't feel any better).

But we had to go. This was the last session. That's so sad. That's what made me get through the session. I kept saying to myself, enjoy it! Last time! Enjoy!

When savasana came, it was the greatest savasana in all the land.

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