Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where's Our Shit?

My mom's friends kept asking her where Eddie and I were registered. My mom, in turn, kept asking me to register somewhere. I told her that since Eddie and I aren't having an engagement party or a wedding reception, we weren't registering. She kept asking what we wanted. I kept saying nothing. It went on like this for a while until I logged onto Bed, Bath, & Beyond and created a registery. When the website asked what the registry was for, I clicked "Other."

So then, Eddie and I received a box in the mail. Neither of us could figure out what it was. It was wooden. I figured out it was a spice rack. Yeay! We own a spice rack. It was from my Dad's friend, not my Mom's.

Then we got a whole bunch of stuff. From my parents. I was livid. I was like, You told me the registry was for your friends, Mom! She was like, Did you think we weren't going to get you anything for your engagement? My Dad nodded. So Eddie and I got a vacuum, some luggage, a door mat, and a pillow. We also got a laptop bag that I had to return.

That return gave me store credit. We figured we'd go shopping with that an a gift card I got with credit points. We need some storage stuff.

So I logged onto our registry to see if anything else we listed was in the store that's close by. Lo and behold, there's stuff on there that people bought. People other than my parents have bought us stuff.

This is so odd. Congratulations on your engagement. Here's a placemat. This is why I don't get the whole wedding thing.

I called to Eddie, Someone bought stuff! He was like, What did they buy? Who? Who?

It doesn't say who but it does indeed say that some of our requests have been fulfilled. Placemats, a table cloth, a salad bowl. Lots of stuff. A wok! We're gonna have a wok!

Things not yet bought: a difibulator (that I put on there to bring to Eddie's football games in case someone keels over), a robot change counter (that Eddie found and I was like, put it on there), and some homemedics stuff like ice packs. These are not full of fancy, but they are still things we would find very useful.

So after reeling at the fact that, hey, someone bought us something, we wondered, ummm, where is it all? Who bought it and how will we get it? We're not having a party to which people would bring wrapped things (again, this is why I didn't want to register--I figured, if people want to give us something, they'll give us something). We haven't received any boxes in the mail. Where's our shit? Seriously! Knowing we have presents out there and not knowing how or when we'll get them is all kinds of mysterious. Presents please!

See what happens when you make someone register? She acts like a twelve year old about to turn thirteen. Presents! We like presents!

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