Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Third Door Blues

A third door is a door that you should be able to use to get into your car without crawling on all fours. I have a third door. It's a suicide door--it opens towards the back. It's on the side of the car. It's amazing.

I got my hopes up the other day when Eddie and I were looking at car websites. One of them said they had a car with three doors. Really? Another three door car? Could it be?

Sidenote: I realize that "third door" should not be at the top of my list of criteria for purchasing a new car, above "seat belts" or "good handling in snow." Still, I want it. Bad.

I clicked on the car. I clicked on all the images. I couldn't find the third door. I clicked on the 360 view. Still nothing. Eddie peered over my shoulder and looked. Then at the same time, we said, It's the hatch.

The car was a hatchback and he said that a lot of car makers consider that a door. I said, It's a hatch.

I used to drive around my mom's 1988 gray Toyota Carolla hatchback right before I got my Saturn. I know the difference between a door and a hatch. One is awesome and one is not. So the hunt continues for a car with a real third door and not a loser hatchback.

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