Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kickass Back Kick

I kicked Eddie.

Not on purpose.

Blame Tony Horton.

One of the few workouts that are semi-enjoyable throughout the entire 90 day experience of P 90 X is Kenpo. It's kickboxing cardio. It has a lot of breaks. I like breaks. Breaks are good. It involves a lot of moves I'm familiar with; I used to teach a version of cardio kickboxing, so most of it is fun and easy.

The one thing I do not do correctly is the backkick. I have good form, but I don't look behind me when I kick. Reasons:

1. I don't care if I kick furniture.

2. I sometimes get wobbly if I look back.

3. I'm lazy.

So the other morning, I'm doing Kenpo and Eddie is pacing around the house. Since the accident, he hasn't been able to work out. I don't think he's overly upset about that, though he is kinda pissed that he began P 90 X this time solidly and was well on his way to completing it without a hitch. Now that's out of his control and it sucks.

Keep in mind, the only reason I'm doing P 90 X for a second time was to support Eddie in completing it. We were a team. Now he's out of it for a while and I can't stop because I have to finish things I start because I have a problem with OCD.

Back to the other morning. He's pacing. I'm punching and kicking. He walks behind me, back and forth, a few times. I figure, he must be watching where he's going. Plus, we both are very aware that I am in the middle of a kickboxing routine, one that he has done in the past.

Then out of nowhere, I'm in the three-kick stage and bam! I feel my foot make contact with something other than a couch cushion. Eddie goes running into the dining room, one hand clamping down on the other. I continue to kick but start saying, Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God.

I was like, I kicked you?

He was like, You kicked me!

I was like, Why did you walk right into where I was kicking?

He was like, Why didn't you look?

I was like, I never look!

He was like, I know!

Then he told me that I have a really powerful backkick. I could thank Tony Horton for that, but really, I thank only myself because, as I said before, I've been doing kickboxing for quite some time. If anyone else deserves a little credit, it would be Billy Blanks. I used to do Tae-Bo.

In fact, for kicks (wow, that was an accident and I hate myself for it), I did my Tae-Bo workout for the cardio day recently. What used to be a really difficult workout for me turned out to be really simple.

For that, I thank Tony Horton. His Power 90, the workout I did after doing Tae-Bo for a while, gave me more endurance and strength. But the back kick still has nothing to do with him or P 90 X, the workout that I can't stop doing and not for a good reason.

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