Monday, April 4, 2011

Points With Jean

Jean said hi to me and S as soon as we walked in. I was convinced it was only because we made direct eye contact.

Because the clique wanted to, we learned Rebel Amor, a dance they already knew but wanted to relearn. Jean had mentioned the dance before when we did a step from it in another dance, so it sounded familiar. It was a pretty simple dance after doing it over and over. And over.

When we did Burlesque, S witnessed my feel disassociate themselves from the rest of my body. We were in the middle of a serpiente plus ochos move and I felt something sudden and jerky happening in my lower half. I'm lucky I didn't fall over. I don't know what my feet were doing, but I do know whatever it was, they were doing it really quickly.

The blonde woman who is always one step away moved across the room. So S and I were able to dance alone, taking up the entire back of the room, which came in handy when we did Mango Smoothie.

Twice, S and I screwed up royally. Twice, we were really committed to our screw up. She did it first. She was turned towards the back and I was turned towards the side with the rest of the class. When she looked up, I was staring right at her and said I admired her committment. Ten minutes later, I was fully turned around and couldn't quite get my bearings. This was after the crazy legs mcgee incident.

On our way out, Jean asked me, what dance did we do last week that has the same step as Rebel Amor? I said I wasn 't sure and then I asked, what was the new dance we did this week? She said, Rebel Amor. I felt like an ass. Then I said, I think it was Walking In The Rain. Her eyes lit up and she said, Yes you're right thank you. Redemption! Thy name is Walking In The Rain!

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