Monday, April 18, 2011


The woman who asked me to play Antonia in the Sor Juana event passed my name onto an artist who is putting together a staged reading of a play about goddesses. She told him that I'm a good reader. This woman is a sweetheart, and I thought it was really cool of her to give me such a compliment. She's playing one of the goddesses as am I; there's supposed to be a third goddess, but she didn't show up for rehearsal so we're one goddess down at this point. I'm getting ahead of myself.

I read the script that I got in the mail a few weeks ago, and then I read some of it to Eddie, and the two of us were laughing hysterically. I'm not going to reveal it because it's just too much of an absurd and unexpected idea, but I will tell you, it involves undergarments and, at one point, gas.

The guy in charge called to set up a rehearsal because he does not have email. My main way of communication is emailing, so now that I'm working with him, I get to practice my phone skills. I've never liked the phone, so being forced into using it is really the only time I'll actually use it, but it's good for me since I'll have to be using the phone a lot at work in the coming months (more on that soon). The first rehearsal date fell on the date after Sor Juana, meaning I'd be driving another hour out and hour back the next night. Ugh.

It was worth it, though. The gallery we practiced in is very cool. A bunch of artists run it as a co-op, and they each have a feature show every few months. The guy showed me his own art before I left. It's all very cool. I've missed the gallery and art scene, so it felt really good to be there. We read through parts of the play.

The director asked me, Can you do an Irish accent? I said, Nope. Then, I eventually could, most likely, if I hear one over and over. I learn by hearing best.

We worked on a monologue I have that's pretty long. It's a good thing it's a staged reading and not a full-on play performance. One reason I've avoided the stage is the need for memorization. That does not entice me at all. In high school, I was always involved in plays, but only behind the scenes. Why bust my ass to memorize a script when I could write the script? Also, I was fugly and awkward in high school, so that, too, had something to do with it. Now, I'm not fugly or as awkward, and I kind of like attention.

He kept calling us actresses. He said several times that we needed to find out if the third actress would be joining us. He said that only two actresses were not enough. So, I suppose that means, in at least this instance, I'm an actress. Who would've thunk it. So now this actress is on hold, waiting for the news that the third actress has been found and the goddesses are a go.

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