Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Always St. Patrick's Day Somewhere

At Jackie Reilly's, the Belairs had a show. That's the band my brother's friends are in. I always want to go but the shows usually way too far. When he told me they were playing half an hour away, I jumped.

JR's is an Irish pub. I don't know if they just didn't clean up after St. Patrick's Day or if they are trying to remind everyone that they are indeed Irish. There were shamrocks and leprachaun hats all over along with Irish flags. It was all very festive.

AEF and I gossip gossip gossiped, even in the loud, loud, loud music, which is what happens when we don't see each other after a long time. It's a non-stop talk fest. The band played one very long set of very loud music. The last time I saw them, it was an outdoors venue, so I don't know if they usually play that loudly, but yeah, it was loud. So loud that when I left, I had scratchy voice because all the talking I did was really yelling.

My brother was rockin along the whole time, which Eddie found slightly surprising. I was like, yup if my brother were musically talented, he would totally be in a band. Then I corrected myself, telling Eddie that my brother does play a few instruments: the baritone, the recorder, and the trumpet.

He was like, What's a baritone? My definition: a small tuba.

He asked, What's a recorder? My definition: a small plastic instrument kind of like a clarinet without the buttons and reed.

Then I reminded him that I used to play the flute and I could also play the recorder. He wasn't all that impressed. I'm not either. What the hell good does that do for me now, having played the flute, and not very well, for two years in elementary school?

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