Sunday, April 10, 2011


I made a new friend this week at dancing. S is jealous. We did our usual routine, relearning dances we haven't done in awhile. The Irish music came on for a second and I got excited until Jean turned it off and settled on Good Times. She asked the woman who wrapped the jacket around her face to teach us to do the optional jump. Then the Clique pointed at us and was like, let them do the jump. Why? Why do we have to do the jump? We're not 19!

Rebel Amor was fine until Jean stressed which wall to turn to. Then I was all kinds of messed up and was facing the entire class so I waved. Jean said, You were fine until I said that right? I was like, Yup. S was like, your face is all red.

Then we relearned Walking In The Rain. Apparently, it's my new favorite song. I'm an expert at the tag. We were facing the back, which means S and I were in the "front" line and Jean was right in front of us. She turned and asked, Do you remember which wall we do the tag. I responded with, I think it's this wall and then the next and we do two walls and that's the tag. She understood that somehow and said, Oh, yes, thank you--I knew you'd remember. Then she taught it to everyone.
Jean and I? Are best friends. S? Is jealous.

We then ended on a waltz which was highly anti-climactic. We don't have class for the next two weeks, and that's sad.

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