Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trivia: It Finally Happened

My brother and I teamed up for October trivia at Sip This. The theme was October trivia. That meant Halloween and spooky movies. That meant we were not going to do well.

We could've done well. We could've looked up the most basic information about Halloween like where it began and why we carve pumpkins.

But no. We went in cold. We went in knowing this would not go well. We went in feeling like we could totally not come in last while knowing nothing.

We came in last.

We did not know that Halloween started in Ireland. We guessed Mexico after my brother changed his mind from Transylvania to Spain. Notice none were correct. I agreed with everything he said, anyway, and had no guesses of my own. This was about the time he said that if this were Chinese History trivia, he'd be doing better. Note to Sip This: Chinese History Trivia next time.

We also did not know that people used to carve turnips before carving pumpkins. I don't remember what we guessed. It might have been potatoes. That would make sense considering the Ireland answer from the previous question. It doesn't matter. We got it wrong.

Also wrong? Almost all our other answers. There were questions about shows like "Salute Your Shorts," which I watched more than many years ago, so no, I did not remember that one episode about Zeke the scary guy. There were questions about movies like Corpse Bride, for which I thought to myself, Oh yeah I've always wanted to watch that movie. Then there were questions about movies and shows I'd never heard of ever.

To be fair, there were also questions about movies I've seen and should have known answers to, and because I have a horrible memory, I didn't remember anything. Like who kills Freddie in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Our answer: Jason Voorhees. Which is incorrect. Very incorrect.

So, you know, we got 11 questions right. Out of like 40 something.

The tea was good. Very very good. 

Now I have a few weeks to figure out how much I know about Marvel Comics and if I should brush up on what I know. (I should. I might. Probably not.) Gettin the team together....

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