Saturday, June 4, 2011

Total Recall

After Eddie had his brand new car for a little bit, his sister asked if he'd had to bring it back. Why? She saw on the internet that a bunch of Chevy Cruzes were being recalled for something wrong with the steering wheel.

Huh. We did not know that. Eddie called up Jon Lovitz and asked him about it since we hadn't gotten anything from the dealer except for a tin of cookies (and they were really good cookies). Jon Lovitz was like, Nah what are you talking about you're crazy there's nothing wrong!

Last week, we get something in the mail from Chevy. I don't usually open Eddie's mail, but there was something about this particular envelope.

I called him right after I opened it and read the entire letter about how he had to bring his car in because the manufacturer found that in some cars there is a glitch with the steering column. In layman's terms, basically, your hands can be at ten and two or your hands can be completely off the wheel and it doesn't matter because the steering wheel at any time can become detached from the car and no matter how you turned it, the car would not respond being that all the parts were no longer a whole.

(I'm not sure what this guy is so happy about. Dude, seriously, where's your car?)

So Eddie called up Jon Lovitz again. Jon Lovitz? Still no clue. Still had not heard about it. So he put Eddie through to the service department who would take the car right away and check it over and fix it if need be, all for free.

Thankfully, his car was not defective. And the service guy was so diligent in leaving the keys locked in the car so we could later pick it up with the other set that we could not find the keys in the car for a good five minutes. Good service.

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