Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Talk About The Sink

Using the kitchen sink was causing a leak.

We stopped using the sink.

The plumbers came, made a big hole in the wall, took out a pipe, sealed something, and told us we could use our sink.

We used the sink.

My landlords/parents called. The basement was wet again. The leak was still happening.

We stopped using the sink.

Seriously, I thought about washing the dishes in the tub instead of carrying them down to my parents' kitchen to wash them. It was getting that annoying.

The plumbers came and looked at the pipes through the hole again. Then they went downstairs to my parents' kitchen. Then they went to the basement. Then we didn't see them for a long time but we did hear a saw at work.

They removed a joint that was clogged through almost solid with black stuff. Gross.

They said it was all fixed now and that we could use our sink.

We started using the sink. So far, no more water in the basement. We can wash our dishes again.

And now for the fantastic aftermath.

1. It smells. The kitchen smells like wet wall. The hole smells. The cabinets smell. I keep the window open. I turn the fan on a lot. I spray cleaner at it. It stopped smelling for a while but started again. Tricky.

2. Everything that was in the cabinets when they made the hole is covered in wall dust. So now, in addition to our regular dishes, we are washing pots, pans, bowls, lids, and tupperware. The cabinets have several doors but it's one long shelf on the inside, so nothing blocked the dust, and everything is dirty.

My parents are thinking about redoing the kitchen up here. I told them not to bother, but if they put in a dishwasher when they redo it, then maybe it's not such a bad idea.

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Rudy Swanson said...

That's some nasty clog you got there! Good to see the plumbers were finally able to solve your problem. They could've done so in one visit if they had used a sewer camera, so they can pinpoint exactly where the clog is. Anyway, nice to see that the problem is solved and you can use your sink again!
Rudy Swanson @ Haaker Equipment Company\