Monday, June 13, 2011

Back To The Shack

One of the loves of my writing life has been writing for Reality Shack. It was my first real gig that catered to a wide audience. I've written a whole lot of different stuff about all kinds of shows. I took a hiatus from it, though, because it can be very time consuming and the audience for what I was writing simply wasn't there anymore.

The site is attempting to revamp itself to open up to more traffic, a wider audience again. One of the ways to do so was to begin reviewing things. I could do that. A review here and there instead of recording every minute detail of the Jersey Shore kids every episode was definitely less time consuming.

Just like that, I was back. Visit my review for A Crush On You ;) . The emoticon is part of the title. You can imagine what I had to say about the movie.

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