Sunday, June 5, 2011

90 Days Of Torture

I completed P 90 X for the second time. When I began, I had a partner. When Eddie got into the accident, he wasn't able to continue, so I forged ahead for the both of us. The countdown chart was for him, but we kept it up for me. Everything is exed out. I'm done. Finally.

Note that I'm holding the chart in front of my entire midsection.

Irony: the opposite of what's expected.

This time, I completed the Lean version of the workout, the combination of exercise routines that would make me sleek and firm and thin.

Irony: in completing P 90 X Lean, I am the chunkiest I've ever been. Hence the chart over almost my entire body.

The plan: to go back to more cardio, some yoga, and my own weight training and ab routine. Oh, and one more thing: Suck it, Tony Horton. I brought it and got nothing back except for soreness and a little devastation. Bring your ass over here and come play in my house. I'll have you crying, sucka. Man, there's nothing like bitterness to ignite a little motivation.

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