Monday, February 24, 2014

How To Do Vegas In Three And A Half Days, Day 4

On the last day of our trip, Eddie and I checked out as quickly as possible.  I called to check out because the card with the instructions to check out said if we had any problems during our stay, I could tell them when I checked out.  So I did.  I told them about the tv and how I called the Care Line and no one cared.  The woman said that someone should have come, especially if I used the Care Line.  I told her about the shower, too.  She took off the resort fee, which is a scam fee anyway, so I was almost happy with that.  We'll never stay there again, so we moved on. 

First, we got breakfast at MGM.  We decided we might stay there if we go to Vegas again because Eddie liked the poker room, and when I saw the poker room, I liked it, too, because it was less of a room and more of a section of the casino that was easy to get to and I could hop around the slots while he played and I could find him easily without having to go into an intimidating room. Next time.

Instead of playing poker, he decided to play blackjack.  We met two of the nicest dealers there.  One of them told Eddie he had an Australian accent.  Then she asked me, Don't you hear an accent?  I said, Yes, a Brooklyn one.  The pit boss came over and carded me.  When he asked for my ID, I laughed as I dug through my bag.  He said that maybe I was in my 20s and he needed to check.  Hahahahhahahaaaa.  Since we were talking about ages, we mentioned that it was Eddie's birthday.

It was Eddie's birthday!  When we'd gotten back to the room the night before, I gave him his real present.  Two tickets to see the Rangers take on the Oilers at the Garden in the coming weeks.  He was surprised because the trip itself was supposed to be his gift, but it's not much of a gift if we're using shared vacation funds, is it?  So hockey tickets seemed like a nice fit.

At the blackjack tables at MGM, he received another gift.  The pit boss meandered somewhere but them came back with a button for Eddie to wear that showed it was his birthday.  He and the dealer both asked us how long we were staying--they were clearly going to offer us something for free.  We told them we were leaving in a few hours.  Dang.  Almost more free stuff.  Eddie cashed out soon after that.  Then it was time to head to the airport.

"It's My Birthday" - yes, you have to wear it
On the way, we stopped to see the Vegas sign.  We couldn't get out of the car because there was a tour bus taking up all the parking spaces, and because there was a scary chicken thing standing around.

And that's the last thing we saw on the strip--a scary chicken thing.  It was definitely time to go home. Our flight was delayed just a bit, but we didn't care.  We ate lunch at the airport (I got a sandwich for 9 dollars--two pieces of bread and two slices of turkey for 9 dollars.  That's about right).  Then Eddie found us a snack.
We were told that the in-flight video system was not working, so there would be no movie, not that we were going to watch it.  We were all asked to check our carry-ons since the flight was full.  We brought ours to the counter and the guy was happy we offered to check it, but slightly dismayed that it was one of the smaller bags.  I was elated because when you check your bag at the gate, it's free! The flight was uneventful as we both were either totally asleep or almost asleep.  He hadn't slept more than six hours the whole trip and I was still catching up on the sleep I'd lost from being sick and unable to adjust to the time difference, so we were out of it.  When we landed in New York, I said, I hope we have a driver who doesn't talk to us.  Our driver not only talked to us, but he wanted to, like, hang out with us. He was a writer, philosopher, boxer, former teacher, artist, former college attendee, and of course car service driver.  He asked for our full names and phone number so he could reach us.  I asked him instead for his email.  We may be in touch.  All this happened, again, while we were semi-awake, so when we stumbled into the house, that card got lost in the shuffle. Hey!  Look at that! Shuffle.  Get it? Shuffle. Cards. Vegas.  I guess it's stuck with me.

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