Monday, February 3, 2014

Groovin In Motown

As a Christmas gift, Eddie and SMM got me and AF tix for all of us to see Motown on Broadway. On a rainy night in January, Eddie and I headed into the city and between rain drops found Bill's Bar and Burgers.

When we went in to let them know we were there for our reservation, they seated us without our entire party there. That's a big plus! No place does that! The woman offered us a booth in the back. Eddie asked, Can you see the game from there? No, we could not. The woman offered us a table up front by the door in front of the screen the size of the large wall it was on. That, apparently, was perfect.

When SMM and AF arrived, we got some food fast. It was like the quickest service ever. They barely had time to dry off as they got caught in a rather hard downpour on the way in. We ate. It was good. No sides come with your burger. It's not a drawback for me considering I'd rather not have a greasy side, but for some people, it probably is. By the time we finished, the rain had let up and it was time to hike over to the show. When we got to the theatre, the line was moving in so we didn't have to wait outside in the rain. Everything was perfectly timed.

The show is non-stop entertainment. Sometimes it was hard to follow because the time switches in the beginning, but the singing and dancing made up for the confusion. At intermission, AF was like, I feel like I'm in the show. I was like, I keep dancing in my seat! They guys were enjoying it, too, though at the break they were highly interested in the score of the game. So were all the guys around us and the two of them became the Official Score Updaters for anyone who walked by, including the usher. This? Is our life.

I also learned a lot from the play that I didn't know before like who was married to whom, who divorced whom, who cheated on whom, and who wrote whose greatest hits. Several of the actors played multiple roles and since the show spans many years, we saw them change outfits to fit with the time, which again confused me because "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" Marvin Gaye dresses much differently from "What's Goin On" Marvin Gaye. Again, the music and dancing distracted me from the confusion. Then the little actor who plays The Jackson Five's Michael Jackson stole the show. He's the kind of kid who makes you feel bad about yourself as an adult because he can do what he can do and you can only watch.

Even so, we left on a high. Good play. Good food. Good date. Good night.

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