Thursday, February 6, 2014

What A Wedding

Getting ready for a winter wedding....
Hmm, what's this in the dress I borrowed from S?

Ooh, two bucks!

I love a dress with pockets.  I love a friend who lends.

My man, tying his tie.

My man, fixing his shirt.

My man, putting on his jacket.  Snazzy!
After getting all pretty and handsome, we winterized to face the falling snow.

Then there was dancing and drinking and eating and laughing.

We stopped at Panera for a snack before the reception.

And a hot chocolate with chocolate chip cookie marshmallows. 

Standing on the dance floor

Taking a picture of ourselves in the mirror.  Because we are children.

Pretty centerpieces
The wedding was post-collision caused by Speedy Baddriverson, so I was looped up.

Even so, it was a fun time. 
The guys
The gals
When we got home, my feet were still nice and cozy.

And my husband was still lookin all GQ:

And we also saw the rise of the Wedding Olive.
I don't quite remember why, but this olive was important enough to be featured in its own photo.  Like I said, I was looped up and it was a fun time.

Congrats to D and F.

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