Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How To Do Vegas In Three And A Half Days, Day 2, Part II

With cranberry juice and water packed up in my shoulder bag, Eddie and I met up with C and J to partake in my FREE Las Vegas Stray Boots Scavenger Hunt.  Why was it free?  Because I'm awesome at getting free stuff.  We were in store for some casino hopping and trivia answering in the central part of the strip.  We saw pretty glass art, pretty indoor gardens, large replicas of New York and Paris, and went all around the world without ever leaving one street.  We stopped to gamble, of course.  The roulette lady in one of the casinos was hard core hitting on J.  Like seriously, she would not stop asking him questions and staring at him.  It was Hil.Air.Eee.Us. mostly because she was old enough to be his mother but also because he really had no clue that she was flirting.

While moving between casinos, we made some new friends:

After making the boys do the can-can (the scavenger hunt told them to), we stopped in Paris for food.  For some reason, they chose to get pizza in the Parisian-themed casino, and they were shocked that the dough tasted weird.  I tried a bite of Eddie's (I was full from the Parking Lot IHOP indulgence), and told them, The crust tastes like French bread...because we're in France.

While they ate, I walked up and down the same hallway about ten times looking for a statue.  We couldn't find it anywhere when we first walked in, so since I wasn't eating, I took off, determined.  And lookit:

We then went in search of a large slot machine.  Around and around the casino we walked until I decided, This is a large screen so let's just call it this one:
But then we found this one afterwards:

So really everything in Vegas is a giant slot machine.

We cut the hunt short because it was nearing the time to get ready to see The Mentalist.  We met up once more later on a very long and confusing line where the theatre was for the show.  There were hordes of people everywhere, and I had vouchers and reservations, but not physical tickets, and there was no sign that said that.  There was one sign that said Tickets.  Not. Helpful.  Really, the entire process of getting the stupid tickets had been very confusing, but I'd rather go onto Travelzoo and get tickets for 10 bucks than pay almost 70 for each one.  Yeah, that's right--when I can't get things for free, I find a discount. 

The show? Was pretty entertaining.  The theatre was small and cold and again the waiting on the line was confusing and the finding seats was odd, but overall the show was fantastic.  Basically, The Mentalist shows off his ability to use intuition and other subtle techniques to figure out stuff about strangers while blindfolded.  He also shoots himself with a nail gun.  Eddie got to throw a ball into a hoop from his seat.  The show was also really short (another reason I'm happy we paid 10 each instead of the full price), so we were out of there and ready to eat in no time.

We ate at some place where the servers were dressed like cheerleaders.  One of them seemed to not be wearing underwear, and I know this not because I was trying to see up her skirt but because her skirt was a little too small for her and her butt was pushing it up, making it too short in the back.  So we got a second show at dinner. And Eddie made yet another friend:
At this point, I had not slept in three days and I was on lots of medication making it so I couldn't drink anything harder than juice, so while Las Vegas is Sin City, I was more into not sinning and sleeping instead.  They all went gambling, and yet again, I went back to our broke-down hotel room to finally sleep.  And I did.  And then I felt better, which is a good thing because the next day was sports day.

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