Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Super Boulevard NYC

Speaking of the sports, Super Bowl was about a month ago, which means about a month ago, this happened.....

Eddie and I went to Super Bowl Boulevard because for over a year he'd been talking about going because it was a once in a lifetime event.  We walked up and down, meaning we crammed our way through hoards of people.  Everyone was on a line for something.  Instead of standing on lines, we watched people stand on lines and then kick footballs and touch trophies.  There was even a line to stand in front of the giant Roman numerals; I suppose people didn't realize that since they were so giant, you could get a picture of them from anywhere. We met S and R, and S, who works nearby and had seen the ongoing events unfold, gave us a mini tour as in...you can take a picture with letters here and a picture with numbers there and the slide is there and then tobaggan tickets are at Bryant Park.   We took pictures but did not go on the slide or the tobaggan (after all, I was nursing an injured back thanks to Speedy Baddriverson).

There was a live band playing, so S and I found an empty spot off to the side and danced for a song and a half.  I don't know where the video is, but I know someone has it on video....As we walked by the last of the tents, I lamented that there were no free handouts.  I like free things and you'd think they'd have free things, but nothing was free.

We went over to the park to find the Verizon PowerHouse that really had nothing to do with football per se, but it was a way for Verizon to advertise by incorporating technology into football stuff.  So we went in and got our pictures taken and then we could go to any activity in the building and use our thumbprint to have the video or pictures of the activities emailed to us and for our faces to appear on personal timelines we could create. 

We floated across the screen together!  Football Verizon Advertising Love!

I look a little murdery here.  I don't think they'd let me into the game looking like this even with a ticket.

S caught a virtual football while wearing a virtual football uniform on a screen.  Eddie created a timeline of all football events.  R watched and did no activities because he didn't give them his thumbprint....and that seems to be the smartest decision any of us made. 

And I?  Couldn't do anything because I have no thumbprint.  I tried to do a timeline and it wouldn't work.  We wiped off the thumb slot and tried again and it didn't work. Then one of the Verizon people came up to me and was like, swipe your thumb across this gel and then do it.  I did it, and it didn't work.  I guess I can rob a bank using only my thumbs and never get caught because I have no print.

That didn't get me down, though, because on our way out of the powerhouse, we all got a free pair of gloves!  Sure they're bright red, too thin, and say Verizon on them, but they are free!  They are also the kind of gloves you can wear while texting.  They kind of work, too.  Free! I love free.

We ended the night on that high.  The Empire State Building was rooting for the Broncos that evening, but the next, it would be lit up in Seahawk colors, a sign of things to come.

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