Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Real Scene

Poets In Nassau has been going strong for a few years. I continue to coordinate readings. I believe in supporting fellow writers and artists. I love my community. When I saw signs in the window of a shop nearby that said a coffee shop was coming soon, I knew it was going to be exactly what I'd been dreaming of. I was right.

Sip This came into the picture as not only a cafe, but as a place to celebrate the arts, play trivia, play board games, watch movies, host community outreach, and have an overall fan-dang-tastic time.

Once the First Fridays venue for my group came to an end for a second time, I asked Sip This if they'd be interested in our little group having readings there. They were. They allow us to come in and take over. Sure, it's good for their business as everyone buys something to drink and something to eat, but, more importantly, it feels like home.

So far, we've had two readings and they have been exactly everything I've envisioned readings to be since I founded the group. The other venues have been solid and supportive and generous. This one has shaped up to be the same in no time. I'm happy that the group is thriving, and I hope the other writers are finding it as energizing as I am.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,

This afternoon I came across your very kind review of my book "Love and Other Recreational Sports." Just wanted to say thanks for reading it, glad you enjoyed the story -- and thanks for the kind words!

John Dearie

Christina said...

Hi John Dearie,

No problem! Your book is in my top five books of all time!!!