Friday, March 23, 2012

Hand Dance Challenge

Sometimes dance class calls for a little bit of amusement. The dances are great, but in reviewing and not learning new dances, S and I look for ways to keep it lively.

No one else ever joins in the fun. They dance as if it is their job.

So when it came time to paddle to the side, I waved my arms around as if to say to S, top that.

S responded with, is that a challenge?

I replied, yes, yes I think it is a challenge.

And so when the music came out, the hands came out. I swerved my wrists around and made my hands to circles over my head. S turned and put her pointer fingers up in the air.

Round 1: wash

I flicked my fingers to the side. S added a clap. I laughed hysterically.

Round 2: S

I made it seem as if I were jumping rope. S swirled one wrist above her head, a la Jean.

Round 3: Me

We both simultaneously went low, shrugging our shoulders to the floor, unplanned.

Round 4: Total tie--we know each other too well.

Then we realized just how long the song is. Aside from some snapping and adding in some extra head movement (think pigeon), there was not much left to choose from lest we really interrupt the class and change up the feet.

So at the end, we tied. In my heart, I won. I'm sure S feels the same way in hers.

What was going on in the rest of the class? No one seemed to appreciate our flair. Still, no one condemned it. Flair on.

Then we did Hello, Dolly. Surprising, isn't it? We added flair by skipping and leaping into the moves and bringing our hands higher and lower than necessary.

Again, no one joined in. I suppose I have a dream that one day our class will be like how it is in the movies and everyone will start doing that African Tribal dance from Can't Buy Me Love and everyone will do it perfectly and it will be awesome.

Until then, hand dance challenge with flair.

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