Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bad Bad Bank

TD Bank needs to look up "convenient" in a dictionary. As America's most convenient bank, it offers an out-of-order ATM every single time we go, long lines, and errors, as in when Eddie set up his checking account, they sent the checks to a non-existent address, and they also stopped his debit card from working because of their idea of a suspicious charge (we've never figured out what that was) and then neglected to tell him that his card was shut off and he found out only when he called them and they were like, Oh yeah, we shut that off.

If that's not enough, try this one on for size.

We went to deposit money from another bank. This was the business-start-up-money. This was important money. The line is from the counter to out the door. No one is moving. Someone from where the desks are come over to tell us that their computer system is down and it will be a few minutes before it starts up again, but if anyone wants to make a deposit but not get a receipt, they can do that.

Really? Put money into your bank and not get a receipt. I wouldn't do that anywhere, but especially not at TD, where they shut off accounts and send checks into outerspace. I said so to Eddie. The woman on line in front of us turned and said, You are so right. Apparently, everyone has problems there.

Someone asked if they could instead use the ATM. Nope, that's part of the system that's down.

And so we waited about twenty minutes for the line to start moving. Then we waited another eight or ten for our turn and transaction. Thankfully, it was over.

Fast forward to the next day. Eddie checks his account online. The checks have cleared! Yeay!

Fast forward to the evening. Eddie comes home after going to get his money in the form of bank checks from the bank so that he can close on his business contract. Eddie has no bank checks.

Me: Why don't you have the bank checks?

Eddie: The checks didn't clear from the other bank yet.

Me: But your account says that they did and that the money is available.

Eddie: I know. The bank manager told me that they do that as more of a courtesy for customers.

Me: So it's courteous to tell people they have money available that isn't really available.

Eddie: That's what he explained to me.

TD Bank, while you have your dictionary out and open to the C's, also look up "courtesy."

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