Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Never Too Short To Be A Model

One of my writer friends is an all-around artist--she's one of the most creative people I know, and she's good at what she does. Every holiday, she sends hand-made cards, and everything down to the envelope is personalized and pretty. She hand-stitches books. She's also a photographer, and this is where I come in. She's sending in a slide show to an exhibition. The focus is women artists. She asked several women from the poetry group I run to pose, and I was one of those women.

The original plan was to shoot at my job since I work in an old building and there are a lot of breaking and broken places to use as background that would look really interesting. However, the deadline came up for the week I had no classes, so we met at a coffee shop where we reserved a table in the front window. I posed, she took pictures, and people passed by and stared. In our little alcove, she managed to come up with four completely different images that made me look like four different kinds of person, and then we headed outside where she found a door that she had to have me pose in front of. Photographers have the most interesting eye for what must be preserved in photographs. She sent me her final choice for what she would use in the slideshow, telling me she loved how I looked so desperate and older.

I showed the picture to Eddie. He said, Oh my God, you look like a crazy homeless person.

I asked, Don't you love it?

He said, You really are one of those artist people, aren't you?

That's when I asked my friend to send more pics. She did. I showed them to him, and he said, You look crazy.

I do. And I love it. Love it love it love it. Here's my favorite:


AMV said...

LOVE this.

Christina said...

I met with my photographer friend again this week and she gave me all the prints and now I have a lot more favorites....just wait til you see!!! Next time you're in NY, I hope you get to meet her; she also acts and sings and does all kinds of other art. You'd get along really well and she'd probably take your picture :)