Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We're In Charge Of Registration

Classes offered through the Parks Department are supposed to be affordable altertnatives for community members who have interests but not large wallets for classes at schools. Unfortunately, the price of dancing keeps climbing by session. Still, it's cheaper than the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, so S and I decided that at least one more session would be good for the soul.

This time, no one was standing in the doorway to ask what class we planned to sign up for. I think the girl is still missing.

Instead, we made our way to the table in the hall and said we were there for dancing and they gave us numbers and sign up sheets. I don't know why the numbers are necessary because as soon as we fill out the registration forms, we hand them in. We don't wait for them to call out numbers. Basically, it's a waste of paper and a waste of time for whoever is cutting the paper into squares.

I chose to lean against a ledge that was on the hallside of a sliding glass window. On the other side was an empty office. Apparently, even though we weren't in the office, standing here made us in charge. People walked in. They looked around. They saw us. They came over and inquired, Is this where you sign up? Where do you go to sign up? How do you sign up?

And so, instead of shrugging, we answered: What class are you signing up for? Dancing? That table right there. Aerobics? Through those doors. Zubma? In the other room. And then we would whisper to each other, I hear the Zumba sucks.

We are pretty sure we have enough people for the class to run. We saw the nice woman from the clique in the parking lot on the way in. We saw the rather pushy woman from the clique on our way out. Then as we got into the car, we saw the woman who is trying to get us to join the Scottish cult. The cult must really be pushing her to get more members because the first thing she said was, You guys never came to the Scottish dance class!

S told her that the dancing involves too much touching for our taste. I offered a very empty, Maybe we'll come to watch. That means, we're so not coming to watch.

Who has time to watch, anyway? We've got enough on our plate in the coming weeks of new dances. Or dances we've done before and are relearning because that's what we do in dance class. Ah, another era of Jean.

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