Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Organized Registration

Usually, the registration process at the community center is a nightmare. It is hot. Women crowd around, wandering in all directions, not knowing what's going on. Women go on tirades about Zumba being closed. It's all very dangerous.

S and I arrived at the midpoint for dance class registration. When we walked into the building--a very hot and chlorine-smelling building--we saw that this year, the work-out women were coralled in the back room where dance class is held. A young woman was standing a little beyond the doorway. She asked what class we were there for. S said advanced dancing. The girl said she had only beginner and intermediate. We said, Intermediate, and I gave S a look like, advanced, huh?

As we sat in the metal folding chairs to fill out the forms and write our checks, S commented on how having the girl there made this all very much easier. I agreed. We were up to the table to register in no time. The man and woman taking the forms were even in a jovial mood--joking with S about how she shouldn't cry because she had a tissue out.

When we turned around as our forms were being taken, we both noticed, hey where did the girl go? She had disappeared. A woman came in and was disoriented. She was looking for Zumba. Two others came in looking for aerobics. Without the girl, it was chaos once more.

We got our receipts and headed out. The girl was nowhere to be found. No one was very concerned about it. We were. I still am. She was the difference between chaos and order, and I very much like order when it comes to line dancing. I wonder if this is an omen of things to come in dance class.

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