Monday, September 12, 2011

Sometimes Parents Explain Things Best

My mom wrote this to family and friends on behalf of herself and my dad. My dad forwarded it to me today. I wasn't on the original, as my brother and I received a different email, one that reminded us we were loved and will be loved to the ends of the earth. I like this email, too, because it kind of describes without preaching and prays without boundaries. Please read it and think about it and take it as you wish.

Good morning, family and friends,

This morning is clear and cool with sun, bright skies and some clouds; very much like the day 10 years ago that changed all of us.

Joe and I would ask you to reflect a bit today, thanking God once more for his safe deliverance from that hell. Pray, also, once again, for all those souls whom God took to Himself that morning; and especially for their families.

We are going to the World Trade Center site today to spend time with a group called "Voices of September 11". There will be survivors like Joe, responders, and families of those who died on 9/11; all of us sharing an excrutiating bond. Pray that God finds ways to ease the pain that will be in lower Manhattan today.

We love all of you. Honor this day - the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania - NEVER FORGET.

I didn't go with them. They went, just the two of them. I think my parents are two of the bravest human beings I know, and the kind of love they have for each other is the kind of love I hope I share with Eddie. The kindness they have for their family and friends is the kind of kindness I hope I share with everyone I know.

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