Monday, September 12, 2011

Over Welcoming

Eating at Moe's Southwest Grill is an interesting experience. So that you can sort of experience it the way I did, I will now write this post the way I spent my dinner. WELCOME TO MOE'S!

I've had a desire to go to Moe's since I saw them popping up around Long Island. WELCOME TO MOE'S! I love southwest-Mexican-Tex-Mex-Mexican food. Anything that involves nachos or chips and salsa on the table is a good time. If it involves guacamole -- WELCOME TO MOE'S!-- then even better. When I travel abroad or to other states, I need to have some sort of Mexi food to see what it's like. I suppose it's a guilty pleasure.

The reason we went to Moe's instead of a sit-down place was upon my insistance. When I got my--WELCOME TO MOE'S!--free entree birthday coupon, I was delighted. Free! Free! I love free! WELCOME TO MOE'S! Eddie knew nothing about the place except that it probably had nothing on the menu he'd like and it wasn't fancy, but he agreed to go because it was my birthday and it's what I wanted to do. WELCOME TO MOE'S! WELCOME TO MOE'S! I looked up the menu beforehand and saw that it has food named after characters and things from Seinfeld and Fletch. Very kitschy. Me likee.

When we walked into the place to look at the oversized menu on the wall once more, everyone behind the counter yelled, WELCOME TO MOE'S! We looked at each other and laughed. I figured they were bored. The place was pretty empty. WELCOME TO MOE'S! It was funny.

Eddie ordered for me a Close Talker salad, no tortilla bowl, no olives, both kinds of beans, with cucumbers. I ordered for him a simple cheese and chicken quesadilla. WELCOME TO MOE'S! We got fountain drinks, a Coke and an unsweetened iced tea. You can probably guess who got what. We made our way to a booth. And that's when the onslaught happened.

WELCOME TO MOE'S! We looked towards the door. Two people had walked in. That's when we realized--that's part of what they do. They yell that whenever someone walks in. And again, WELCOME TO MOE'S! A guy walked in and got the same greeting.

Sometimes their timing was off. There were customers who streamed in, several in only two or three minutes, so not everyone got a huge welcoming. Only one counter guy yelled WELCOME TO MOE'S for one of them instead of having a chorus go up. Some of them got, HUBIEHUBBAMOE'S, a mishmash of sound that was a very distracted welcome. But for the most part, WELCOME TO MOE'S.

It was funny. We laughed. Eddie tasted his quesadilla and did not like it at first. He tried just the chicken, which was the part we both thought he would like. It had spices on it and so, it wasn't good. WELCOME TO MOE'S! He sort of liked the actual quesadilla wrap. He didn't like the cheese, either. That's when you know the place really isn't meant for Eddie. He likes cheese on everything, but not even cheese could save WELCOME TO MOE'S this dinner.

I on the other hand, WELCOME TO MOE'S! WELCOME TO MOE'S! loved my food. I ate it very quickly, savoring each bite in my mind. In reality, I scarfed it down like a dog who hasn't found food for a while. Between bites, we attempted to have a conversation, but mostly, we were laughing at WELCOME TO MOE'S the shouting. It was happening quite a bit. WELCOME TO MOE'S!

By the time we, meaning I, were finished, the entertainment factor had worn off and I was ready to not hear WELCOME TO MOE'S anymore. I sat for a few minutes to relax after the big bloating meal, but that made me only nibble on the free chips and salsa that came with the meal. WELCOME TO MOE'S! That's right--FREE chips and salsa. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I ate way too much, but it was worth it.

Until the next day when I couldn't move. Oh, man, was I still full. But that's the price you pay when you want to milk a free meal WELCOME TO MOE'S! coupon.

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