Friday, July 15, 2011

Waste Of Our Tax Money

About a week after filing for the marriage license, Eddie and I received identical letters in the mail. They were type-written, like on a word processing machine or a type writer and were in informal letter format (you know, the letters that have indents for all the paragraphs).

Up in the left corner is a picture of the town clerk in black and while, smiling widely. What's he all happy about? Oh, he's happy that we're getting married.

That's what the letters say. It congratulates us on our wedding and says we can contact him if we need anything.

I'm all like, Awww.

Eddie's all like, okay, that's nice and everything, but look. He held up the envelope. Then he said, Long Island has like the highest taxes of anywhere, and this is where our tax dollars are going. I'm going to write him a letter back saying, thank you but stop wasting my money on sending letters to congratulate people.

My man? Has got a point. But still, it's so nice.

1 comment:

Richard Jeffrey Newman said...

Well good for you! And I will say so here, where taxes are irrelevant. ;)

Seriously, congratulations!