Friday, July 22, 2011

Half Birthday, Half Meet George Glass

AEF was planning a BBQ to meet George Glass, D's boyfriend who was yet to make a public appearance with her (you know, like the way Big showed up to happy hour to say Hello to the girls). Then they both came to Eddie's almost July 4th party, so that became his debut. That does not mean we still couldn't have a party for the hell of it. I mean, that's what big backyards are for.

So off we went to AEF's house. Eddie and I were the first to arrive of course because I have a problem with being 100% on time. We got a grand tour of the place which included a peek into the under construction basement which is coming along fantastically. She and her brother are doing it themselves. Oooh, it's gonna be sweet. She's gotta put in walls and ceilings and I keep asking, So when's the bar gonna be up? Heh heh. Priorities.

As the gals arrived with their respective gentlemen friends, we all headed outside. Where I immediately was under assault. Oh, the bugs. They get me every time. Only me. Okay, not only me, but me for the most part. The last big bash in AEF's backyard I attended ended in my having to leave after being bitten by maybe 15 insects at once when she was wrestling some guy and they disturbed all the critters in the grass that decided I was the culprit. I had to pop an allergy pill and I had ice on my face because that's where most of them landed, so I left before I passed out from the meds and before my face swelled up.

This was the first time Eddie's seen me really get bitten and he was sort of amazed at how the bites swelled up. T and I then retold our tale of taking on the siege of mosquitoes in the Yucatan, during which we kind of prevailed if prevailing means heading back to the cruise ship covered in bites swollen to the size of softballs so that you kind of look like you have the onset of leprosy.

T had brought balloons to celebrate AEF's birthday which is in December since the weather usually kills all bday plans for her. I tied them around a chair and they hit me in the head. Then we tied them around another chair and they hit someone else in the head. Then one got away and got stuck in a bush. Then we tied them to the tent where they stayed for the rest of the evening.

The rest of the day was devoted to making fun of each other and eating. That is the best kind of party, really. My night was over when Eddie and T's boyfriend started having a cell phone flashlight war. I kid you not; it happened.

As for George Glass, well, he's not George Glass and hadn't been for a while, but it's always fun to reference The Brady Bunch.

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