Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goin To The Village Hall And We're Gonna Get A Marriage Licence

We were going to Town Hall to get a list of judges and other people who could officiate a wedding on a Saturday.

We brought our birth certificates. We figured we may as well get a license while we were there.

And so, that's how we solidified the idea we'd been kicking around. We're getting married August 13. Next month.

The first woman who helped us at Town Hall was very chipper. She came over singing, Hello hello! She gave us a pink index card to write our SS#s on. She pointed out, G is for groom, B is for bride. She'd hand written G and B on it. It's all very high tech.

Then we sat as they made copies of our driver's licenses and birth certificates.

Then we went with a very young blonde woman. She asked Eddie what he did for a living. He said, I'm a mortgage broker assistant. She asked for what business. He said the name of the business. She looked confused and then asked, no what type of business? He said, mortgages.

Mine went more smoothly because when I told her I was a professor, the computer automatically brought up Education as the industry.

She asked if I was taking his name. I did not look at Eddie as I said, No. When I finally looked at him, he shook his head. He said something about understanding that he's the man and that's why women take the guy's name. Then he laughed at himself because he thinks he's funny.

The couple in the next cubicle over were delightful. They were an older couple. The woman had been divorced. He kept making comments about how she was pretty much dumb and unorganized and he said more than once, no rush we're not getting married today. Ugh.

Oh, and one of the cute parts about Town Hall is that the wedding license room has little wedding bells and other decorations around the doorway. It's cute. Everyone in there seems happy. It's nice to know that there's a place you can work for the government and be really happy every day.

We signed some papers. Then the girl had to redo them since my mom's maiden name wasn't listed on the first set. We signed some more papers. She said, You're getting married in a church, right? I was like, no. Then Eddie said we weren't sure where yet. She then explained that if we get married outside of Town Hall, we'd have to mail back the license, but if we got married there, it would be there already. Then she said, congratulations!

We left and then looked at each other. We're getting married next month. Huh. How'd that happen?


bryan-in-greece said...

Congratulations, Christina and Eddie!! I imagine the next month will be one of running around getting things sorted out, but it will be a great experience!

Christina said...

Thanks. There's not a whole lot of running around left. Actually, there wasn't much to begin with. Simple is good.