Saturday, July 9, 2011

Famous Pizza Has Pizzazz

Grimaldis in Brooklyn is supposed to have pizza worth standing on line for hours. Eddie and I geared up to get there early and stand on a short line. We got to Brooklyn and drove around and around, attempting to find a parking spot. It took about two hours to get into Brooklyn and find a spot. It was horrible. I almost had a breakdown in the car. Who can stay in a car that long to go to a place that's only about 40 minutes away. As we circled looking for a spot, we saw a line starting to form in the place where it had not been before.

We found a meter. Finally. Then walked to the restaurant. Then stood on line. For only ten minutes!

Their pizza is thin crust smaller pizza. It's not like New York Pizza. It's very yummy. It's not the best pizza in the world, but it is yummy.

For as small and busy as the restaurant is, the staff is really nice and courteous. That's a hard thing to accomplish.

After eating, we took a quick walk to the water. It was about 95 degrees out so we didn't stay very long. Plus, we were on meter time. But it was good.

Fulton Ferry Landing

Brooklyn Bridge Park

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