Wednesday, July 6, 2011


AEF is trying to kill me. She invites me and T to the Long Island Ducks game. I'm excited because I've never been to one and T told me that it's more silly fun than baseball game. That's my kind of sporting event. When I saw the Staten Island Yankees, I spent most of the time doing the puzzles in the little pamphlett they handed out. It kept me busy and entertained. So at the Ducks game, they have silly contests between almost every inning. Pie is involved. Water ballons are involved. It's great fun. The seats were also in the shade, so that was heavensent; however, I didn't get to wear my hat that I'd brought along just in case and debated about carrying with me when we got out of the car. T was like, did you bring your knitting bag too? Heh heh. If I could knit, then maybe I would've.

So there we were, T's boyfriend N, T, me, and AEF, sitting all in a row, watching the game. We were reading the players' names on the big board, where they were from, their stats. T recognized one as the brother of someone who went to school with her brother. Then up came a graphic that said Fear The Beard and this bearded guy from Puerto Rico gets up to bat. Usually, those slogans are for kitsch. Little did we know it was, like, a serious warning, because this guy swings, gets a small piece of the ball, tips it, and WHAM! Into the stands goes, right into a child who has to be carried out of the seats by some guy with the paramedics following after.

Then the guy that T recognized was up at bat and fouled several pitches up and behind him, slamming the balls into the top deck windows, causing people to duck and cover. Some tried to catch the balls.

I? Was terrified. Our seats were right behind home plate and there was netting right below us so for the ball to come towards us, it would have to go up and then out and then arc back a little bit again, you know, like the magic bullet, only this was a bigger baseball. Some of the balls went up over the roof. It's a small stadium, but that's still a powerful hit.

Aside from being terrified, I had a lot of fun. At the end, we thought there would be fireworks. Instead, fans had small bouncy balls that they chucked at the field in the hopes of winning an outdoor grill. That's some good ol' American fun.

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