Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Kind Of Partner Exactly?

Dance class was more of a recap class. We didn't learn any new dances this week. That's probably because we learned every single dance known to man last week. S stayed late in the city after work, so I was dancing solo for a while. This made my snarky comments not as fun since they were all in my head and I couldn't mumble them to someone and then laugh out loud. The room inexplicably smelled like onions. I had no one to share that with for quite some time. It was like the first thing I said to S when she came in.

Also when she came in, some of the Clique told her that she was tardy and also asked if dinner was good. Then I told her that she's apparently my partner. One of the Clique asked me where my partner was. I said she stayed late at work and should be showing up soon. Then she didn't show up as soon as expected and I was thinking, If S doesn't show up, they're gonna think we had a partner's quarrel.

Not, Where's your friend, but, Where's your partner? As in dance partner? Partner in crime? Or do they think we're lesbians. Usually, people at dance ask if we're sisters. But now, we're partners.

The only other exciting part of class was when Jean surprised me during the Bossa Nova. I still cannot get the turn in this dance. I fake it pretty well though. I'm in the middle of fake turning and BAM out of nowhere, Jean's right next to me. I think she might have seen I was not doing it correctly and she moved there to help. Then she danced away from me during the next eight count and wound up making a large circle around the room. Which still smelled like onions.

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