Thursday, March 3, 2011


I was looking for a book in Borders when I came across this:

Let me just ask, Who does that?

I mean, first off, who buys a hot dog in a foil bag in the mall? If you're at a concert or a sporting event or a theme park, then maybe that's acceptable. But if you have access to a food court that has places to sit, then no, you should not opt for the hot-dog-in-a-foil-bag meal.

Secondly, what comes over you to make you put your hot dog in a foil bag on a book shelf and leave it there? Did you suddenly realize, Hey I'm about to eat a hot dog in a foil bag when I have better options? Did you decide you were not hungry? Did you feel pangs of conscience and decide that others less fortunate than you might develop a desire for a hot dog in a foil bag while in the Bs of the Young Adult section at the Borders in the mall? I really want to see security footage of what exactly happened here.

I'm aware that the footage may also contain a scene of me taking a picture of a hot dog in a foil bag left on a bookshelf, which might lead some to ask, why exactly would someone take a picture of a hot dog in a foil bag on a bookshelf at the Borders? That has an easier answer. If I told someone I found a hot dog in a foil bag on top of some books in a store, not everyone would believe me because, for some reason, a lot of people have more faith in their fellow human beings than they should. I sometimes fall into that trap as well and then quickly snap out of it in moments of finding processed phallic shaped meat where it's not supposed to be.

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