Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Connect 4

To celebrate R's bday, S's bf, Eddie and I went into Brooklyn to the fine tiki establishment, Zombie Hut. Why a tiki bar is named after the undead is beyond me. To get there, we followed the GPS, still figuring out the best way to get to that part of Brooklyn. We found that following the GPS was the wrong choice as we hit traffic hardcore. Most of the traffic was from an accident, but it was still a lot of red lights and a lot of idiots. To pass the time, we played "I'm Going On A Picnic." Eddie and I like to play games, so when I came across a list of games to play on a road trip in Car & Travel, I tore it out and showed it to him so we could gear up for our road trips we have planned for the future. I knew some of them already, but there were some new ones. Little did I know we would use it so quickly.

On our picnic, we brought: asparagus, bananas, cranberries, dog shit, egg creams, fruit, gazpacho, ham, ice, jelly, Kit Kats, Larry, muffins, Naima (the girl from American Idol), pie, quiche, something with an R that I can't remember, and salsa. Then the traffic cleared up and we stopped playing. You can probably tell who brought what.

We found a spot to park rather quickly after finding the bar. Then while walking to the bar, we hit more traffic in the form of a dad and his two daughters taking a leisurely stroll down the sidewalk in the freezing cold. We were not fans.

Reasons Zombie Hut rocks:
1. Large big screen projector tv.
2. No snootie, uber hip, utlra elite, or jerkoff clientele.
3. $5 drinks!
4. With fun names!
5. Tiki decor.
6. Board games.

Eddie, S, R, and I played a rousing game of Connect 4. Connect 4 has changed since we played the original version. First off, the "board" was blue and the chips were yellow and red. Twice, I almost used the wrong color. We kept wondering why the chips were falling out of the board at the bottom. I lost us the first game because, basically, I suck at Connect 4. We won one game.

Then after we packed it up, I flipped the box over because I had a sneaking suspicion that came to realization--there are several ways to play Connect 4. The chips are supposed to fall out if you set it up a certain way, and we had it set up in that way completely unknowingly. There are three ways to play: Classic for which you put one chip in at a time in the hopes of connecting four in a row, Pop Out 1 during which your chips can fall out at the bottom and the board changes, and Pop Out 2 for which you put all the chips in the board at random and then pop them out to connect four in a row. We were playing Classic Accidental Pop Out. That's the most challenging way to play overall.

Epilogue: The next day, I woke up with a hangover from having one drink. WTF.

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