Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Eating Turkey Jerky

Eddie decided to do P90X. For real. He's done it here and there but he never completed it. He's ready to do it for 90 days.

I decided to do P90X Lean. It uses the same DVDs in a different sequence. I'm ready to do it. Again.

Sidenote: Quite unfortunately for Tony Horton, Charlie Sheen has ruined the use of "bring it," which is the mantra of the workouts and the title of Tony Horton's book. Too bad Charlie Sheen wants everyone to bring it, too. Poor timing.

Eddie is eating massive amounts of healthy food to make sure he does not lose any weight while he gains muscle.

I am following the nutrition plan to get as lean as I can. I was flipping through the book when I found the suggestion of turkey jerky as a snack. I asked him, who eats turkey jerky? Where can you even get that?

Fast forward to food shopping. We're in an aisle with canned corn and right there, hanging from a row of clips, is turkey jerky. We were both slightly shocked. Apparently, you can get turkey jerky from a regular food mart. We bought it. When we got home, I tried it.

Turkey jerky looks gross. It's dried turkey and it looks exactly like that, which is not very appetizing. Think of what raw meat looks like. Then think about what it would like like dry and shriveled. Now pour pepper on it. Now break it into pieces. Yum.

It does not taste that bad. If I keep eating it, I'll develop a taste for it. I won't crave it, but I'll eat it.

Eddie, on the other hand, will never eat turkey jerky. You know how a king has a food taster? I kind of do that for him with certain foods. He's been a sport in trying new things, but he's not gonna get carried away by trying out dried poultry from a bag. As soon as I ate it, I was like, This is not going to be an option for you. He backed away from the bag, which is a good idea for anyone normal anyway. I would back away, too, if I were not following Tony Horton's How To Walk Like You Have A Stick Up Your Ass Workout.

FYI: We've both been in pain for the past week. It's not pretty. Hopefully, it will be worth it.

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