Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Delayed Hawaiian Honeymoon: Part 4

 Wake Up Time: 5 AM. Ish. I slept in! 

The plan: drive around and find fun things to see and then go watch the Ranger game.

First up: The Sugar Cane Train
I don't know why I became obsessed with it as soon as I saw it, but I really wanted to go on the Sugar Cane Train.  It was closed and will be closed for a few more months at least.  That didn't stop us from driving into the parking lot to see it up close.

Next was the big Buddha and after driving in circles, we found it, but we have no evidence of it because the parking lot was confusing.  We get lost in parking lots.
Then we went on over to the Lahaina Cannery Mall to watch the free keiki hula show.  On weekends, they have kids put on a show for free.  You can put a donation in the bucket, but you don't have to.  When we arrived, there was a magic show going on.  The magician was putting together and separating giant metal rings.  He then picked up his tip bucket and walked around with it as he talked to people in the audience.  We left before he got to us because that's just weird.  We planned to return after window shopping.

Window shopping took two minutes.  I am being literal.  The mall, which is apparently the largest indoor mall in Lahaina, is about the size of a small cottage.  Entrance, clothing store, jewelry store, food court, bathroom, exit.  That's pretty much it.

So back we were for the show, and it was really cute.  There were girls as young as maybe 4 and then some teenagers or young adults, all dancing different kinds of hula dances. 

Attached to the mega mall is Lulu's Grill, where we went for lunch and I had ahi tuna tacos and they were to. die. for.  It was about time for the hockey game to start, so Eddie asked our waiter if we could watch it on one of the ten tv's that were playing Endless Summer on a loop.  Apparently, they take their surfing movie titles quite literally, because although the waiter said it would be no problem and even had a conversation with several other people about putting the hockey game on, no one ever put it on. Endless Summer really doesn't end, especially not for a winter sport played on ice.

And that's how we wound up back at the dive bar with the dogs.  This time, I kept it tropical with a Mai Tai.

This is the door to the men's room.  The ladies' room showed Farrah Fawcett.

The sign says not to feed him.

After the game, I went to lie out by the pool while Eddie took a nap.  It was really windy out, and the beach entrance was closed off because of dangerous surf.

I am aware this is sideways.  I am lazy.
We spent the evening strolling through the Whaler's Village.  It had more stores than the mall by far and also had lots of restaurants.  We walked along the path in front of the beach to see Black Rock and watch the sun set. 

My husband can take a picture.

Black Rock

I've got a little of the crazy eye going on here.

We decided to settle in for some free music and hot beverages.  The night had turned to cool, so I found a coffee shop that also sold tea.  I got a matcha green tea plus three Republic Of Tea bags to take back with me, and then Eddie got a hot chocolate.  Ooh, we were able to get our parking validated!  They made each drink fresh with rich ingredients.  No premade mixes or syrups or powders.  They were hot and sweet and so good.  Before sitting down, we went into the Honolulu Cookie Company to check out what they had, and they had free samples!  I was happy to taste a few until some stoner kid came up next to me and was like, Free samples are goooooooood, like so goooooooood, and shoved his bare hands into the cookie crumble bins to grab whatever he could.  Eddie walked out immediately so he wouldn't laugh in the kid's face, but I don't think he would have cared.  The guy would have probably started laughing, too.  It was time to listen to some cover music by the one man band. 
Me and my matcha

Eddie and his hot chocolate


The one man entertainment
And then?  We got sick.  Apparently Eddie and I do not have a taste for the fresh and finer things; we prefer powders and syrups and synthetic stuff.  I sipped my tea and suddenly felt hot and dizzy.  I wasn't sure what was happening, so I sipped some more, thinking, This is tea and tea is good for me.  Finally, Eddie was like, Are you listening to me?  And I was like, Oh, I thought I was but I guess not--I don't think I feel well.  Then he was like, My head feels weird and I think I'm getting sick. We headed out to the car, and Eddie stopped mid-stride, and I was like, If you're gonna throw up, go ahead and do it now and not in the rental car. We stood in the parking lot. And then?  Nothing.  Yeay!  We got in the and drove fast back to our hotel, wondering why we got poisoned.  Even so, the matcha was really good.

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