Friday, June 5, 2015

Delayed Hawaiian Honeymoon: Part 1

After several years of saving and one more year delay because of a hurricane hitting Hawaii, Eddie and I finally made it to Maui!

And Eddie survived a 10 and 1/2 hour flight direct from JFK to Honolulu!  Even though during hour 8, when he told me it was torture, he made it through and then made it from Honolulu to Maui. 
There is a breakfast buffet in the Hawaiian Airlines terminal at JFK.

Eddie was part of the in-flight entertainment.

FYI: Hawaiian Airlines gives you two complimentary meals, and one of the meals comes with free wine or beer.  However, you have to pay to watch movies.  The food is actually really good, especially the fruit/cracker/cheese tray at the end of the flight.  The movie selection is okay, and you can also watch tv or play games.  I watched the flight map and tracked our progress while reading a book.

Eddie opted for the very Hawaiian "Burger King" when we got to Hawaii.  I went along with it and tried chicken fries.

And then after landing from our second island hopper flight, we had about an hour car ride to Lahaina.  What troopers!

Arriving in Maui meant enjoying the evening when we were really on New York time, which was about 1 in the morning. We were delirious, but we were also in Maui, so really, no complaints.  We got a free room upgrade upon check-in at the Royal Lahaina Resort.  They just offered it to us, and that made our stay much more convenient as we were in a tower, centrally located to everything, and the room had a balcony and we could see the ocean in two spots.  Also, we could see the flag guy raise the flags in the morning.  Yes, this is what makes me happy.  Also, from our balcony, Eddie fed a bird a potato chip.  This is what makes him happy.

Balcony view

We drove to a small bank of stores next to our resort to eat.  Pizza.  Very Hawaiian.  We also found Whaler's General Store there, and we went back daily to get water and snacks and everything else we could possibly want.  Our favorite Maui store. We also explored the hotel grounds and the beach and stayed awake as long as possible long after sunset. Okay, not very long after sunset, but we'd traveled for like 20 hours, so sleep was good.
Before flight 1

At the end of flight 2 -- check me out

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