Sunday, June 7, 2015

Delayed Hawaiian Honeymoon: Part 2

Totally not on Hawaii time (I woke up at 3-something AM), Eddie and I hopped in the car (we later realized we could have walked along the beach walk and gotten there a whole lot more quickly--dumbasses) and headed out to free breakfast courtesy of the travel company so we could listen to them pitch us excursions.  Our first Hawaiian breakfast was eggs, toast, bacon, and hashbrowns.  Not even a piece of fruit.  Way to be, Pleasant Holidays.  Way. To. Be.

It was still good food, though, and there were pretty views.  They pitched us volcanoes and bike rides, and for the most part, I learned that everything I'd already booked before the trip (because I'm a planner--who waits until they get to Hawaii to plan what they'll do in Hawaii?) were all good ideas.

This was at least Hawaiian at breakfast

Flashback a week before vacation:
Eddie: Would you ever go on a helicopter because some guy at work flew through a volcano?
Me: I would not fly through a volcano because it would erupt as we flew through it, but I'd probably go in a helicopter in general.

Flashforward to non-Hawaiian first breakfast in Hawaii:
Eddie: Surprise--let's do the helicopter trip.
Me: Ohhh, that's why you were asking.
Eddie: This price is a lot less than what I've seen, so we should do it.
Me: We're never coming back here because you almost died on the flight, so okay, let's do it.

So we booked a helicopter ride for the morning of the last full day we would be there--we had to give them our heights and weights so that the helicopter would fly-- and then we left free breakfast with a free tote bag. 
Now this is Hawaiian.  More about this tote bag later in the week....Just remember what it looks like.

Then we headed to the beach to relax on our first full day of Maui. The beach was hot.  Like really hot.  Like we were sweating a lot.  We went into the water up to our knees because that's what we call swimming, and then we saved a fish from certain death as it would not go back in with the tide.  Instead of touching it, we kicked at the sand under it until it went back out to sea.  We'd like to think it lived.

See that water bottle?  More on that soon.

It lived! It lived!

My swim technique is on point.
There was a Rangers game on later in the afternoon (2 PM Maui time--8 PM NYC time), so we headed out to eat lunch,  tour downtown  Lahaina, and find the game on television.  We found Cheeseburger In Paradise, Banyon Tree park, and then after walking for-ev-er, a sports bar with the hockey game.  Eddie had given up in finding one, but I persevered and found a bar that not only showed all sports but also welcomed dogs.
They take their parking seriously.

Thank you, Jimmy Buffet.

Happy Eddie

Eddie's kind of Hawaiian meal.  A burger with a pineapple near it, topped with a tiki umbrella.

Dessert on Front Street

This makes me want to climb and swing.

So it's like one tree...
but also a lot of trees.

Heh heh

This is an old fort (I think) in Banyon Tree park.
I like mermaids.

Grandma Honey!  We bought a turtle ornament at this store on Front St.  Remember that.
Sports bar!

Local beer.  It was pretty good.  I kept the can because I collect stuff like that. Remember that, too.

It's a dog playing catch!

Was your sports bar view like our sports bar view?
The Rangers won to our glee and to the dismay of a very burly muscular man who sat at the bar in front of us, so our celebration was quiet as to not ignite his short wick of crazy sports anger.  After walking around all day under the really hot sun (Eddie actually got sunburn! ha!), we headed back to relax at the hotel.  Eddie napped.  I had tea and raisins on our terrace.  I don't ever relax much, so this was very exciting.
Local birds

A room with a view.  We have this same picture 87 times.  It does not get old.

The excitement of relaxation.

To bed early.  Exhausted from not being on Hawaii time AND we were getting picked up the next day at 6:40 AM on an excursion.

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