Saturday, October 27, 2012

Creepy Pervert Song

When S and I walked into the dance room, the lights literally came on.  Jean had already been teaching (probably for an hour or so since it was already 7:59) in the dark.  Sometimes the light simply aren't on.  When we walked in, they came on, so we were like, Hey you're welcome!  No one was impressed or seemed to care about our joke.  Yup, everyone loves us.

 In honor of Halloween, Jean taught us a song called Spooky Little Girl (of course after teaching us dances we already knew like Automoves, the dance I like to call Chronomatic).

The song selections weren't my favorites.  She chose a slow song and then an even slower one for Chronomatic.  Then the Spooky Little Girl song was slow too.  The dance was actually creeping me out because it has these hip gyrations that no little girl should be doing.  Kinda pervy.  What makes it a bit creepier is the way this woman walks into frame:

I felt like taking a nap with all the slow songs.  I kept screwing some of them up because they were so slow.

I also screwed up some dances that we did a zillion times over because S and I were having conversations instead of concentrating on the dances we already knew.  

We did Love Letter Waltz instead of the waltz we learned last class that S lost five dollars on.  She decided she does not like waltzes.  I enjoy them, though.  They actually are pretty intricate because of the three counts.

Oh, speaking of intricate, those two new women weren't there!  So there was no danger of someone getting hurt this time around. 

We did the other dances we learned the past two classes and then I hurt my calf.  I felt it pull and then the bottom of my foot was hurting, too, so I was left to dance flat-footed instead of on the balls of my feet which makes for pretty clunky dancing.  I sucked it up to do the Bossa Nova, which S pointed out was the first time she ever remembers Jean teaching it step by step.  I agreed because it actually was the first time Jean had taught it step by step.  Well, I mean, she's taught it in the past, but sometimes when Jean puts on the music, she doesn't call out the steps.

Which reminds me.....not only did she have the mic on full blast, she also had two fans on full blast.  Perfect.  All the instructions sounded like they were coming through the Lincoln Tunnel.  Which makes dance class that much more fun.    

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